Cambridge Particle Meeting

2022 Cambridge Particle Meeting

The meeting was held on Friday, 24th June.

Schedule of Presentations

PDF downloads of the schedule of talks and abstracts are available here:

Schedule of Talks 2022

Presentation Downloads

Where permission has been received from authors/their institutions, PDF copies of presentations may be downloaded:

  • Una Trivanovic, ETH Zurich High-throughput generation of aircraft-like soot
  • Laura Pascazio, Cambridge CARES Localized π-radical soot precursors in flames
  • Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Nagoya University Simulation of soot oxidation in catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter (cDPF)
  • Adam Boies, University of Cambridge Scaling Methane Pyrolysis with Value Added Carbons: Challenges and Opportunities
  • David Kittelson, University of Minnesota Brief history of engine exhaust particle size measurements
  • Liza Selly, University of Cambridge Characterising the impacts of brake dust exposure on susceptibility to airway infections
  • Emma C Braysher, National Physical Laboratory Fingerprinting Tyre Emissions: Characterising their Chemical Composition
  • William Hicks, Imperial College London The impact of powertrain electrification on brake wear particulate matter emissions
  • Joel Corbin, National Research Council Canada Mechanisms of soot aggregate restructuring and compaction
  • Randy Vander Wal, Pennsylvania State University Emission Source Identification by Laser Derivatized Soot Nanostructure
  • Markus Knoll, Graz University of Technology Insights into Point Sampling of Particulates as Remote Emission Screening Technique for in-use Vehicles
  • Martin Irwin, Catalytic Instruments Characterising the Silver Particle Generator: a pathway towards standardising aerosol generation
  • Felix Stollberger, Graz University of Technology Photothermal Single Particle Interferometry
  • José Morán , Normandie Université Approximating the van der Waals Interaction Potentials between Agglomerates and their Coagulation Enhancement Effect
  • Georgios Kelesidis, ETH Zurich Porosity and crystallinity dynamics of carbon black during internal and surface oxidation