2014 Cambridge Particle Meeting

The meeting was held on Friday, 27th June.

Schedule of Presentations

PDF downloads of the schedule of talks and abstracts are available here:

Programme of Abstracts 2014 Cambridge Particle Meeting

Presentation Downloads

Where permission has been received from authors/their institutions, PDF copies of presentations may be downloaded:


David Kittleson, University of Minnesota

Prospects of meeting EU number emission standards with a diesel engine without a DPF


Chongming Wang, University of Birmingham

Characteristics of PM Composition and Soot Oxidation in a DISI engine


Elena Koivisto, University College London

Investigating the trade-off between particulate emissions and thermal engine efficiency of a diesel engine


Hartmut Sauter, Topas GmbH

Enhanced Measurement Technology to Characterize Aerosol of Crankcase Ventilation


Heather Hamje, CONCAWE

Effect of Oxygenates on Gasoline Direct Injection particulate emissions as measured in two European passenger cars


Felix Leach, University of Oxford

Predicting Particulate Matter Emissions from Gasoline Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engines – the PN index


Aaron Eveleigh, University College London

Using the Carbon-13 Isotope as a Tracer in the Formation of Soot


Edward Yapp, University of Cambridge

Soot formation in a laminar ethylene diffusion flame


Huayong Zhao, Loughborough University

Effect of adding hydrogen on the particulate emissions in ethylene combustion systems


Bo Tian, University of Cambridge

High Spatial Resolution Laser Cavity Extinction Measurements of Soot Volume Fraction In Low Soot Producing Flames


Mike Beeston, TSI Inc

Employing a Novel Classifier for Fast Particle Size Distribution Measurements with SMPS


Christian Hoecker, University of Cambridge

Catalytic Nanoparticle Growth and Nanotube Morphology in a Continuous Gas Phase Process for Carbon Nanotube Synthesis


Davide Mariotti, University of Ulster

Plasma-particle interactions at atmospheric pressure: from inorganic nanoparticles synthesis to bacteria charging


Imad Khalek, Southwest Research Institute

Particle Generator for Engine Exhaust Simulation


Greg Smallwood, National Research Council Canada

Current and Future Methods for Calibration of Black Carbon Real-Time Mass Instruments


Josep Grau-Bove, University College London

Simulation of aerosol deposition: from the laboratory to the building scale


James Allan, University of Manchester

Measurements of wintertime combustion particles in central London during ClearfLo

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