2013 Cambridge Particle Meeting

The meeting was held on Friday 24th May.

Schedule of Presentations

PDF downloads of the schedule of talks and abstracts are available here:

Schedule of Talks 2013

Programme of Abstracts 2013 Cambridge Particle Meeting

Presentation Downloads

Where permission has been received from authors/their institutions, PDF copies of presentations may be downloaded:

Steven Girshick, University of Minnesota
Gas-phase synthesis of magnetic/plasmonic nanoparticles for cancer theranostics

Farzan Tavakoli, University of Alberta
Aerodynamic aerosol classifier

Jacob Swanson, University of Cambridge
Bipolar Neutralization using Radioactive, X-ray and AC Corona Methods

Hongming Xu, University of Birmingham
Characteristics of particulate matter emissions of an automotive diesel engine

Isil Ayranci-Kilinc, University of Cambridge
In-flame soot diagnostics and particle emissions of full-scale aeroengine fuel injectors

Marc Stettler, University of Cambridge
Quantifying aircraft black carbon emissions

Prem Lobo, Missouri University of Sci & Tech
Measurement of aircraft nvPM emissions using ARP compliant systems

John May, AECC
Particulate emissions from petrol-engined light-duty vehicles taken from the European fleet

Prashant Kumar, University of Surrey
Flow of nanoparticles in and around road vehicles

George Biskos, TU Delft
Fabricating solid-state gas sensors by aerosol-based techniques

Philipp Kattouah, NGK
Wall flow filter for particulate emission reduction of petrol engines

Andrea Strzelec, Texas A&M University
Investigation of burning mode for diesel particulate oxidation: contrasting O2 and NO2

Nick Collings, University of Cambridge
Hot condensation particle counter

Maria Botero, University of Cambridge
Sooting tendency of paraffin surrogates of diesel and gasoline in diffusion flames

David Kittelson, University of Minnesota
Issues associated with measuring nothing

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