2012 Cambridge Particle Meeting

The meeting was held on Friday 18th May.

Schedule of Presentations

PDF downloads of the schedule of talks and abstracts are available here:

Schedule 2012 Cambridge Particle Meeting

Programme of Abstracts, 2012 Cambridge Particle Meeting

Presentation Downloads


Where permission has been received from authors/their institutions, PDF copies of presentations may be downloaded.

Jacob Swanson, University of Cambridge
Reduction of DPM and NOx using 4-way Catalyzed Filtration Systems
Colin Jenkins, Adaptive Instruments Ltd
Mike Braisher, Jaguar Land Rover Powertrain Engineering
Peter McMurry, University of Minnesota
New Measurements of Clusters and Nanoparticles: Implications for Atmospheric Nucleation & Growth Models
Max Eggersdorfer, Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zurich
Jon Symonds, Cambustion Ltd
Christopher Kolodziej, Universidad Politécnica Valencia
Mohammed Ojapah, Brunel University
Prem Lobo, Missouri University of Sci & Tech
David Kittelson, University of Minnesota
Hongming Xu, University of Birmingham
Felix Leach, University of Oxford


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